Monday, August 3, 2009

Disregard the Previous Enthusiasm

The excitement of Finn's new milestone has worn off and now I feel like I'm living with one of those happy, goofy yellow labs from movies who will never leave you alone until you throw the slobbered on tennis ball that's in his mouth. Except Finn isn't really happy or goofy when he has the slobbered on tennis ball in his mouth and he has no intentions of giving up that tennis ball without you playing a highly dangerous game of tug first.

Using a tennis ball to play tug with a highly focused and competitive Australian Shepherd puppy will cost us all or part of a digit one day, I'm sure of it. It's not that he would mean to bite our pointer finger off, he'll just be trying to jostle for a better grip.

Don't play tug with him, you say? Well okay but then we'll be subject to very wet nudges. There's nothing that evokes feelings of comfort and safety like a dog chewing a ball against your thigh-- while you're wearing shorts. Now substitute that tennis ball with a floppy and disemboweled stuffed chewie and the fun is really starting.

All of that aside, it really is a fun, albeit slighting annoying, time in his puppyhood. He's constantly learning better coordination and is becoming a champ at catching tennis balls in the air. He seems to be up for anything, as long as it's in short bursts. Take him for a 3 mile walk and you'll be dragging him behind you by the end.

I really could do without being chewed against though.

And perhaps we should have thought twice about buying those squeaky KONG tennis balls.

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